• Bethel One-Two

    Bethel One-Two

    With the Bethel Spring Series winding down Team Sixcycle-RK&O’s Josh Rovner is still wearing the yellow series leader jersey. And so for the Circuit Francis J Clarke Criterium the squad set ...

  • 2014 NYC Spring Series Recap

    2014 NYC Spring Series Recap

    In past years, a race report on the New York City Spring Series coming several weeks after the event would be the first any non-participant would hear about it.  But I have to hand it to the organizer...

  • Mixed Bag at Brinkerhoff

    Mixed Bag at Brinkerhoff

    The Trooper Brinkerhoff Memorial Series is one of the highlights of early season racing in the New York City region.  In exchange for a two hour drive North racers are rewarded with full length road r...

  • Energy Balance

    Energy Balance

    2014 is underway. By this time, competitive cyclists have started to fill in their race calendar, getting ready for this season’s racing. They (or their coaches) have spent hours framing a train...

  • Grants Tomb Crit & Bethel Spring Series

    Grants Tomb Crit & Bethel Spring Series

    For New York City based cyclists the CRCA Grant’s Tomb Criterium has long marked the start of the cycling race calendar. Sure a Spring Series or CRCA Club race may technically precede it on the ...

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