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Shredfest 2014

Photo Rhetoric - shredfest-106

Waking up bruised, sore and a bit tired on Monday morning it was clear that I was suffering from a post #sixcycleshredfest hangover. But despite an aching body, there was no tinge of regret – other than perhaps some second guessing on my decision to try to nurse a deflating tire home on a particularly fast section of trail, leading ... Read More »

Marty Cross


Following Mathew Street’s day one podium at Marty Cross in his first race for Team Sixcycle-RK&O, the timing worked out on Sunday to squeeze in a morning team ride to celebrate Bryan Fried’s birthday before swinging by the afternoon fields at Marty Cross Day Two. While my current lack of fitness (and broken bike) were sufficient to keep me from taking in any ... Read More »

Riding into the Light


With winter rapidly approaching, there are increasingly few days left to rise in darkness, long before the sun has cracked the horizon, and venture onto the streets of New York City. However with reasonable weather and perhaps a touch of irrational thinking, we decided to meet far too early on a Friday morning with the goal of escaping the city for ... Read More »

Girona Adventure Training


It started out as a whim With a looming job transition and a frequent flyer account overflowing with miles, this trip actually started as a seemingly random list of potential destinations – four of them to be precise, on four different continents. We quickly eliminated the mundane West Coast option, while Japan later fell off the list due to weather ... Read More »

Gateway Cup Race Report


It’s always special going home. But going home for four days of crit racing is tough to beat. After last year’s success at Gateway Cup, Labor Day in the Lou was always circled as the end of my 2014 road season. With work obligations and crashes reducing my fitness to a nearly non-existent level, on the bike expectations were low as I flew ... Read More »

the Gunks


While crashes and off the bike obligations have limited my 2014 race calendar, it has been a pretty good twelve months for hitting new destinations on the bike, from Appalachia to Girona. And while the Gunks might not be quite as exotic as either of these destinations, with an upstate wedding on the calendar, this past weekend was the perfect opportunity to explore ... Read More »