Colin Tanner

Age: 27
Height: 5’11″
Nickname: Flash
Hometown: Mount Kisco, NY
Occupation: Coach / Studio Assistant
2014 racing goals: Ride hard and smart. Race in some new races. Continue to push limits – help others do the same
Best moment on the bike: On a foggy descent, alone in the mountains of South Korea, I had a moment that just felt “perfect.” I was wet and cold and forty miles from home
Why did you start racing: A bike shop owner in South Korea signed me up for a race. I had no idea what I was getting into – that day, or for the next four years
Favorite race: The last race that I did well at. Right now that is the Tour of the Hilltowns
Biggest influence in your life: Gavin Snow – for always having perspective and staying brutally positive in the face of it all
Favorite food: Korean

Racer Bio: Colin Tanner is a lifelong athlete and certified cycling coach working with Tailwind Endurance in Manhattan.  When he isn’t coaching, Colin is racing/riding/talking about bicycles. Colin races cyclocross for Hudson Furniture Racing Team and in 2014 he will join Team Sixcycle RK&O on the road with aspirations to race a mountain bike once or twice.  Colin lives in Brooklyn with his girlfriend, dog and too many bicycles.