Thomas Swope Hendry

Age: 28
Height: 5’7″
Nickname: T-Hen, Hippo, Wolfie
Hometown: St Petersburg, FL
Occupation: Teacher
2014 racing goals: Win some races and support the team
Best moment on the bike: Winning the Perry-Roubaix circuit race
Why did you start racing: I was in college
Favorite race: To Watch: Paris-Roubaix. To Race: Floyd
Biggest influence in your life: Pops and my godfather
Favorite food: Bagels with cream cheese and jelly

Racer Bio: Thomas went to FSU where he competed as a pole vaulter. He had a brief stint playing World of Warcraft, successfully completing many dungeon crawls but thankfully this was short lived and stopped once he started cycling. He has been racing competitively on the bike since 2007.