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Shredfest 2014

Photo Rhetoric - shredfest-106

Waking up bruised, sore and a bit tired on Monday morning it was clear that I was suffering from a post #sixcycleshredfest hangover. But despite an aching body, there was no tinge of regret – other than perhaps some second guessing on my decision to try to nurse a deflating tire home on a particularly fast section of trail, leading ... Read More »

Perfect Offseason


The season is spent trying to find perfection. The perfect food, the perfect position, the perfect wheels, the perfect interval, and the perfect recovery. As the season wears on it’s always clear that perfect is unobtainable. Then comes the offseason – a time spent on imperfect bikes, with imperfect weather, the imperfect effort, and certainly imperfect recovery but while surrounded ... Read More »

Hamptons Singletrack


Photographs by   Read More »

Beach Weekend


With a long holiday weekend and no racing on the schedule, it was perfect timing for a trip east, for dirt roads and for mid ride taco stops. Add in a quick shopping trip at a local farm stand for three jersey pockets worth of bloody mary mix and it was a perfect weekend of riding. Photographs by Read More »

NYC – Hamptons


With unseasonably warm weather predicted for the weekend, Team Sixcycle-RK&O’s Charlie Bird and Matthew Vandivort decided to take advantage of the conditions and ride from New York City to the Hamptons, a journey of some 120 miles that also included an unexpected 7,000 ft of climbing and a consistent 20 mile per hour headwind. Pictures from their seven plus hour ... Read More »

Beach Riding


A weekend spent with teammates on the back roads of the Hamptons, fighting crosswinds and cruising from beach to beach. Photographs by Photo Rhetoric and I Want Dippin Sauce Read More »