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Tour de Millersburg Race Report


Tour de Millersburg is one of our favorite races on the East Coast. As Photo Rhetoric documented, the race easily makes up for what it may lack in scale with absolutely unparalleled community support. It also doesn’t hurt that last year the team scored a GC podium with Ashley Doane’s strong performance across all three stages. Either way, this past weekend saw ... Read More »

The Return of the Long Ride


I’ve been slowly ramping up my miles after three weeks off the bike (I thought it would be a good idea to listen to my new wife when she recommended I not bring my bike on our honeymoon). To that end I knew I need to start getting some long rides in – I hadn’t been in the saddle for ... Read More »

the Gunks


While crashes and off the bike obligations have limited my 2014 race calendar, it has been a pretty good twelve months for hitting new destinations on the bike, from Appalachia to Girona. And while the Gunks might not be quite as exotic as either of these destinations, with an upstate wedding on the calendar, this past weekend was the perfect opportunity to explore ... Read More »

Neversink Invitational


From the start we knew that taking a team full of crit racers to the Neversink Invitational likely wouldn’t end well. But since we were already going to be north of the city raising money for a good cause as part of ERRACE, it seemed like a reasonable way to finish the weekend. In hindsight, it probably would have been a ... Read More »

Connecticut Backroads


With a long holiday weekend on tap, Team Sixcycle-RK&O spent the past few days spread across four states – racing at the Killington Stage Race in Vermont, the Tour of Somerville in New Jersey, the Speedway Crit in Connecticut and the CRCA Club Series in New York. In addition to all of this racing, a few team members hit the ... Read More »

Misery Index 11


Being a cyclist in New York City sometimes means rolling the dice when the weather calls for 30 degrees with a 30% chance of precipitation. Sometimes that gamble turns out ok, resulting in an incredible ride. Today was not one of those days. Selected quotes from the ride: You know that moment, when we paused on the bridge and saw ... Read More »