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A Final Word on Lance

lance II

As Lance/Oprah Part II prepares to hit the airwaves, we’re also preparing to move on from this saga and shift focus back to the sport that we love – the sport of cycling as we know it. With its early mornings in the park, long training miles with friends and teammates, kids races and charitable fundraising. That is the sport ... Read More »

Team Sixcycle on TV


UPDATE: check out the full version of the interview here:¬†http://team.sixcycle.com/2013/01/18/a-final-word-on-lance/ As many in the cycling community implausibly found themselves watching Oprah on a Thursday night, Team Sixcycle-RK&O was joined by Belgium’s Greet De Keyser who was covering the story for VRT. The story of the interview about the interview, as well as pictures from an evening of #Doprah, is included ... Read More »