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Strength Training for Cyclists Part 2: Training for Power


Strength training for cyclists: myths about strength training and the effects on endurance athletes abound. It seems every online “expert” has their own theory on why strength training will or will not make you a better cyclist (and feels the need to post it on a forum for all to see). Team Sixcycle-RK&O is a strong proponent of the benefits ... Read More »

Strength Training for Cyclists: An Introduction to Team Sixcycle’s Training Program

Strength Training for Cyclists

Read Part II of our Strength Training For Cyclists Series here: http://team.sixcycle.com/2014/01/06/strength-training-cyclists-part-2-training-power/ Strength Training for Cyclists: It’s clear we spend a lot of time riding our bikes, but is the secret to getting fast as simple as Eddy Merckx’s legendary advice to ‘ride lots’? On Team Sixcycle we certainly don’t think so. While there are many schools of thought on ... Read More »