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Lightweight Wheels and Team Sixcycle-RK&O


As we prepare for the 2015 season, Team Sixcycle-RK&O is proud to announce our first new sponsor for the coming season: Lightweight Wheels of Germany. Started in a garage in Germany, with a rich heritage at the highest levels of the sport, this partnership will bring the industry’s finest hand built wheels to the streets of New York City where ... Read More »

Rides of the Year


As cyclists we generally ride our bikes six days per week during “the season” that approximates to the months of December through September.  And even during “the offseason” we’re often on our bikes regularly even if our pursuits are biased towards R&R with the occasional muffin ride. On some of these days spent riding our legs feel heavy or the ... Read More »

Season Review


With the 2013 road season winding down before turning thoughts to 2014 we’ll be reviewing some of our favorite moments from this year. Our first post in this series is a short video from Photo Rhetoric. Video by: Read More »