We didn’t have a great place for athletes and coaches to work together alongside the training and communication tools they needed. So we built it ourselves. Now you can use it too.

All your tools in one place.

Sixcycle brings training calendars and workout data together for a comprehensive view of your training process, along with integrated messaging and workout recording.

Training done right.

Sixcycle’s training tools are easy to use and designed to save you time.

Set goals and create periodized training plans with your zone-based workouts for individuals or groups.
Collect and evaluate workout responses and recorded workout data.
Template libraries eliminate repetitive work and quickly start up new athletes.

Messaging made modern.

Integrated messaging with realtime notifications will centralize your correspondence, save you time and keep you organized.

Communicate one-on-one with private channels, or use group channels for group training programs, teams and clubs.

Channels can include quick messages, formal posts, workout results, event RSVPs and more.

Work individually and in groups.

All of Sixcycle’s training and messaging features can be used one-on-one or by groups.

A group’s calendar automatically sync’s activities to group member calendars, and group messaging keeps everyone in touch in real time, making it simple to manage groups and teams in one place.

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